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Here at Meta Craft we are dream builders and artisans, we believe the journey is what’s important and the finished product stems from marrying artistry with craftmanship.

Our two expert teams surf the line between creativity and technical agility and strive at all times to produce steel products that speak to the individual.

Jody Pannewitz drives Meta Craft as founder and go to guy overseeing all projects. Our technical team or drawing office is the inspirational hub and the inception point of all projects it consists of 2 top-qualified individuals with the relevant tertiary qualifications in mechanical engineering. They are the custodians of design work, draughting, procurement, quality control and assurance, as well as overall project management.

The production team, under leadership of a workshop foreman, is responsible for materializing and fabricating the work of the technical team. This team of 8, which includes welders, boilermakers and general workers, are all skilled craftsmen with decades of combined experience.

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